3d怎么计算下期和值:Aqualon? aqueous polymers

北京快三开奖结果彩票控 www.8hib.cn Add Aqualon aqueous binders for effective anode slurry preparation and graphite binding

Aqualon carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) products perform as both aqueous binders and rheology modifiers. These CMC products are typically used in conjunction with styrene butadiene (SB) latex to improve the binding strength of the active graphite on the copper collector. SB alone cannot generate slurry stability for the graphite powder. The CMCs improve the rheology characteristics and allow sufficient coating of the copper foil at high speeds, ensuring the lithium ion cells survive multiple discharge cycles.

In the manufacturing process, the greater-than-99.5 percent purity Aqualon CMCs ensure excellent dispersion of graphite particles; homogeneous distribution of the binder, and high coating quality. In addition, they generate defect-free electrodes from a water-based slurry. In the cell, the CMCs are compatible with both natural and synthetic graphite and standard latex co-binders.

In-cell, the electrochemistry performance ensures effective electrolyte penetration, high charge capacity, coulombic efficiency and good cycle performance with high capacity retention.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients offers three Aqualon CMC grades for effective anode slurry preparation.

Aqualon Aqu D-5283 CMC offers outstanding slurry stability for stable processing and easy dissolution in water for fast processing. Aqualon Aqu D-5139 CMC offers good slurry rheology for stable processing, and both grades enhance adhesion of graphite to the anode for longer cell life.

The electrochemical characteristics of Aqualon Aqu D-5284 CMC are optimized for use with Mesophase Artificial Graphite (MAG) in the cell.

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